Kamis, 05 September 2013

It is about Dance in the Rain

I remember, before i took this photo it was raining. So, I just sat in my bedroom and saw the  rain drops on the window. Oh yah, i also paint something about rain. I love rain. Do you remember? I’ve written about why i love the rain so much.

After i finished painting, i walked to my mom’s dresser, tried to found a vintage stuff. And, TADAAA I found this skirt. A skirt with a rainbow colour. Cute, i think.... Back up, I used a white shirt, wore it with a rainbow skirt, and took a photo in front of my house. Surely, a rain was abated. My brother, Natanael, help me to took a photo. He was my best brother and my best photographer...

I just taked a little of photo. I hope you like it :)

And this is my masterpiece! Hahaha, what do you think about it???

5 komentar:

  1. This skirt is like an artwork, so pretty.

  2. such amazing skirt <333 love!!


  3. Lovely lovely you! This Outfit looks great! ♡Kyra
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  4. Lovely skirt dear ^^

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