Rabu, 14 Agustus 2013

In Our Lives

In our lives, there was a time we were on top and there also are the days we were under. Initially, we were very happy with the life we ​​live, but no less than we end up hating the life we ​​live. Often we fall into problems, for example in the family or in the school environment. Life is hard to live, but just enjoy the time we crashed and rebuilt it. Everything must be beautiful if we view it from the positive side.

This shirt, I find on my mama clothes pile. I really liked it, although my mom said it is outdated. I do not care ...

Photography: my brother, Natanael
Sunlove Shirt
Unbranded Skirt
Charlotte Shoes from AikoretailShoes (
Traditional Bag from Yogyakarta

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  1. What a lovely look! I love your skirt and the flats <3

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    Maria from

  2. Beautifull :)

  3. looove the vintage look, but i heart your flats the best!


  4. Wow, the combination of dots and bordery is so cool :) I love it

    big hug from nerd mafia,
    100% Nerd

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