Kamis, 29 Agustus 2013


Photography: my brother, Natanael
Unbranded shirt
Navy TOP
Unbranded Skirt
Shoes from AikoretailShoes (
Mom's Satchel

Jumat, 23 Agustus 2013

Super Bad Day

Today, it is the most exhausting day. PR pile to be collected tomorrow and have made ​​me quite frustrating. In addition, at the beginning of the school there was a little conflict with classmates tengatang theme for the event in December.
My friends and me, giving advice "Brotherhood of Nations" as the theme. We plan to showcase songs from other countries (France, South Korea, UK, and Japan). The goal is that the students in my school to know the countries, especially the song. In addition, we also hope that in the future this event we can learn to understand other nations. Another group proposed Reage theme. They propose that theme as a group they are very fond reage, and they want to raise the profile of reage in school.
After a big debate. Votting done as a determinant, and that winning is the theme of "Reage". Actually there is no winning or losing in this case. We are willing to have a theme that will be used in later events. But, there are a few words from the Opposing group who outrageous that my friend and I was angry and upset with them ... well I hope, although there is a slight problem we can keep the show going well. Love peace ...

Photography : my brother, Natanael
Black ID snapback
DSE Waistcoat
Ongaku-kaigan Top
Puma shorts
Kappa shoes

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Rabu, 14 Agustus 2013

In Our Lives

In our lives, there was a time we were on top and there also are the days we were under. Initially, we were very happy with the life we ​​live, but no less than we end up hating the life we ​​live. Often we fall into problems, for example in the family or in the school environment. Life is hard to live, but just enjoy the time we crashed and rebuilt it. Everything must be beautiful if we view it from the positive side.

This shirt, I find on my mama clothes pile. I really liked it, although my mom said it is outdated. I do not care ...

Photography: my brother, Natanael
Sunlove Shirt
Unbranded Skirt
Charlotte Shoes from AikoretailShoes (
Traditional Bag from Yogyakarta

Sabtu, 03 Agustus 2013

Bad Boy

One of the songs that I liked the title is Bad Boy. The song is sung by Big Bang, my favorite boyband. Hmmm, I do not know why I'm so fond of this song. Perhaps because of the tone of this song is catchy ... In addition, the MV of this song is also very cool. The boyband member looks so very handsome. Especially TOP!

I will write most of the lyrics of the song Badboy. Hope you guys also like the song ...

niga saranghaneun naneun sorry I'm a bad boy
geurae charari tteona jal gayo you're a good girl

sigani galsurok nal almyeoneun alsugok silmangman namatgetjiman

Baby don't leave me I know you still love me

wae geurae soljikhi na malhae niga pilyo hae my lay lay lay lay lady my lay

lay lay lay lady

 I bought this hat from Littlegirlthingsshop.

Photography: my brother, Natanael
Littlegirlthingsshop Bad Boy Hat (http://instagram.com/littlegirlthingsshop)
Proportion Body Dressing Top (http://www.proportionbd.com/)
 Chaselcult Dungarees (http://www.cbamd.com/e_brand/show.asp?bid=3287)  
The Things Corner Black Docmart (http://instagram.com/thethingscorner)

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Kamis, 01 Agustus 2013

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