Senin, 29 Juli 2013

Love is Like Rain

 Close your eyes and listen -
the clear raindrops take my place
And with this song,
they whisper that I love you in your ear
Like the lovers underneath the small umbrellas on the streets
I want to hold your hand and walk to anywhere
It’s okay if my whole body is drenched

Love is like rain, like the warm spring -
it makes me dream
Everywhere my eyes go, I only see you
Shall I slowly approach you and tell you today?
If only my love could ride this falling rain and reach you
If only the raindrops on your lips was me

Again, close you eyes and draw it out -
A trembling me, carefully kissing your
sleeping cheek that leans on my shoulder
Even these streets I’ve always walked on
look new because I met you
Like the shy sun that peeked out in the sky
Look at me, who started to smile at some point

Pictures : Tumblr

Rabu, 17 Juli 2013

Back to School

Back to school, it means we re-learn, re-assembled with the teachers, and friends. It feels just loves it. And of course, we will be busy. Moreover, I already was in grade 12. I began preparing for the National Exam with tutoring and study harder.
For my friends who go back to school as well, let the spirit!!!
OI (Orang Indonesia) beanie

Black Docmart from @thethingscorner (

Photography: Me// Unbranded dungaress// White t-shirt// OI beanie// Black docmart @thethingscorner

Selasa, 09 Juli 2013


Vacation is the perfect time to relax. And holidays make me a lazy person. Very lazy! I just tell my activities during the holidays, I just eat and sleep! Oh yeah, one more routine activities that I do, watch FTV or  Korean dramas .
Huft, due to this routine I think I increased weight. The face looks more round, and it getting looks chubby cheeks.


uhh, I'm in love ... (hahaha, just kidding)

Photography: My Mother// YAh loose shirt// Zara jeans// Conextion shoes// Calvin Klein sunglasses// traditional bracelets