Sabtu, 29 Juni 2013

Say "I Love Peace!"

"Every person once in the world, certainly has errors
But only the brave who would admit
Every person in the world, certainly never hurt
Only a spirited knight who is willing to forgive "

How beautiful this world, when all the people want to apologize and forgive. Will not have the name of the war, fighting, or things like. How beautiful the world is when filled with peace. So, from now on let's say "I love peace!"

Photography: my brother, Natanael // Zara jeans// Mom's shirt// Vicari blue heels// Brother's denim jacket

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  1. What a great look! Especially I like denim jacket.

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  2. wow love this Outfit!
    You look absolutely stunning <3
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  3. thats a really nice denim on denim

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  7. Love how you rolled up the loose jeans. Very casual.

    The Fashann Monster

  8. Adorable, it's got a great light vintage feel to it!

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  11. nice look honey, the shirt is super cute!


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  14. love your shoes! :) thanks for the comment on my blog!
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  15. Thanks for your compliment back on my blog :'3 Hope you'll visit again!
    Wow, such a nice outfit! I love it from head to toe!

    Have a lovely weekend,

  16. That top rocks.

  17. I like this outfit! It's cool.