Selasa, 07 Mei 2013


Have you ever had the desire to change the past? Either because of past good or because you are not good, so you want to change it to be better. But, have you ever thought to change our past, we are changing history. Change our past, it means change history in our lives, friends ....

In addition to the desire to change the past, we often want to forget our past. Especially if the past was very embarrassing. I once read a sentence that says
"Forgetting the past is pointless job."
Well, so what we tried to forget or change our past?? It's clear to say that, it was a job WASTED. The past is important, because of the past we can learn to be better and better in the future.

Photography: Me// My lovely mom's vintage dress// Vicary camel Shoes

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  1. LOVE the vintage dress! perfect colour for you,indeed :) but i think it'd be great to shorten the skirt a bit?
    anw, i do sometimes feel like returning to the past and change the things tht i didnt wnt to happen, but again, it's pointless. the mistakes tht ive made in the past were inevitable & that's where i learned to pursue a better future ;)


    1. You're exactly right. Forget the negatives and look fotwardto the positivesheaded your way!

      Great post Naomi!! I absolutely live that vintage dress!!

      I follow all my readers, I hope I can gain you as one :)

      Rica xx

  2. Such a pretty dress and looks great on you! Love your vintage kind of looking photos too :) xo akiko
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  3. What a pretty dress looks great on you
    Following you hope you stop by my blog sometime look forward to reading your future posts

    Carrieanne x

  4. that is such a fab look! girl you look stunning

  5. That dress is lovely~ I love the vintage style of your photos

  6. so vintage and lovely :D


  7. cutee !! your dress are so vintage <3

    Chic Swank

  8. I am a follower now! keep blogging!

    Love your mom, she has a great taste in fashion! lucky you!

  9. heeeyyy I love your posture!
    You have skinny body that I dream of!
    thank you for following, follow you back!

    Wulan Wu on

  10. Really nice shoes!

    Would you like to visit/follow each other?<3

  11. cute dress btw !

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  12. Love the vintage dress and the editing of the pictures..pretty!


  13. cutey vintge dress!! and you perfectly mix with those shoes!! super cute!! love it :)