Sabtu, 30 Maret 2013

Book Enthusiast

Reading books is my hobby. My favorite hobby. Comics, novels, magazines, enslikopedia is my favorite book to read. I love books. So much!
I always try to keep my books. I would be sad if it was broken. Hmmm .... book as my first love or my male friends. Hihihihi ... I love when I go to the bookstore or library, because there I can read a lot of books for free. I feel at home.

Colection of my books Comic "Detective Conan". Every day before I go to bed, I had to read it. It's like a drug for me. Well, the book is a window to the world, right? So, we have to like it. From this book we can learn something. What else do you want to know.

Sweet regards
From the book

Photography : Me

Selasa, 19 Maret 2013

Night Market a.k.a "Pasar Malam"

One of entertainment for people of most interest is the Pasar Malam. Had a week in my town, Bengkulu there is Pasar Malam . It's right in front of my school, SMAN 5.

A few days ago, Gana, Aulia and I took the time to go there. And ... look how crowded the market tonight.

Photography: Me


I’m so sorry. For one week even more, I never write a new post on my blog. I’m so sorry. That’s because i have more of duty. Every day my friend and me have a home work, furthermore we have a test too. Sociologi test, Economic test, History test, etc.

I feel very tired. I think I lucky I’m not sick because of that. And after all of it finish... it’s time to holiday!! Yeay!! You know, in my town 21th until 28th March will be held Ujian Akhir Sekolah a.k.a UAS. It’s perfect time to go to another town for holiday, if you have alot of money. But don’t be sad, if you don’t have a lot of money, you can go holiday in you town. I think every town in the world have a recreation place. Go to the park, zoo, or beach I think can refresh you mind. Do you agree with me? Hmmm... I hope you agree with my opinion.

Thanks to my mom, because she give me her cute bag. Love you.....

Photography : My Brother, Natanael

Seeing  that I just have a little bit of money. So I don’t go to holiday. I konow there is one place, near my house possess a good view. I feel like a new person again after I visit that place.
Oya, thanks to my brother, Natanael that take a photo. Okay, finally i just wanna say “HAPPY HOLIDAY!!” (for me)

Sabtu, 09 Maret 2013

Post (wo)man

2 March years ago, my friends and I told to write a letter. Not a letter to a friend, girlfriend, sister, or parent. But for ourselves!

Have you ever heard the name "time capsule"? yea ... That kind of letter we made. We write what we wish the next year. Then we'll see another year. Knowing desire what has been fulfilled or not fulfilled ...

A lot of what I wrote at that time .... Funny, so we know it turns out we never wanted that. All my friends laughed at the desires that they wrote at the time.