Kamis, 28 Februari 2013

Freaky Sonic

You do not laugh when you see these pictures of us! Since this is not funny.
It's FREAK man!! Look at how stupid our behavior. With Sonic mask, symbol and name our classes Social One of Smanli Comunitas (Sonic). We all look like fools.

 Let, let me introduce my friends one by one. The first, Rossa Amanda Santika. She was the most bizarre among us. Rossa which gives an idea take pictures like this.

Do our  eyes have to look like TOP "Big Bang"?

Then there Gana Wisesa. She is the most "ngek" among us. Rika Sarawati, Jaejong oppa fans. Prastitis smallest bead. And Siti MUnhayati greatest. HAHAHAHA

Have you pleased to see our silliness. Actually there are a lot of stupid things, and weird that we do. But ...... this enough. Because I also have veins shame... Hihihihi. BYE!!!
Greetings friendship!!!

Senin, 11 Februari 2013

One Day on a Rainy Day


Last January 30  was my birthday .... my sweet seventeen. Yahhh, though nothing special, not like sweet seventeen other people. But I think it is the most beautiful sweetseventeen.
Why? Because at the moment it is quasi-assembled, praying the best for me (hahaha). Cut a tumpeng held! It was the most delicious tumpeng I've ever eaten ..... For the present problem, I did not fancy gifts. Just money to save, and even then not in large numbers ...
But it all was enough, because everything was done because .... LOVE!!!

 Let me introduce the "brother" who was funny and cute. Her name is Angel. You know what ideals? Being an artist is not dung-dung ... I do not understand what the purpose is not dung dung. hihihihi

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